Registration form with OTP mobile verification using Java, MySQL


The "REGISTRATION WITH OTP SYSTEM" is a simple Java web-based project where we can register the user after successful OTP verification.

The project is developed using JSP & Servlet, MySQL, and JavaScript.

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For sending the OTP to mobile, We will use FAST2SMS API.

In my previous videos, I  have explained everything like how to create REGISTRATION & LOGIN FORM with VALIDATION.

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  • Also, I have made a tutorial video on HOW TO GENERATE AND SEND OTP TO MOBILE.
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Now let's take a look at Project.

  • Firstly, when we run our project we will be able to see the below interface

look at Project

  • As we can see that we have 4 fields here like Name, Contact No., Password, and Confirm Password.

Here, each field is validated using JAVASCRIPT. That means all fields are mandatory. and in the contact field, we are not allowed to enter any letters we can enter only numeric values.

  • Now let's enter all details and try to register.

all details and try to register
  • After entering all details let's press the REGISTER button. Now, after pressing the register button we will get OTP on the entered number, and that same OTP will get added to the database with the entered number. And we will be redirected to the below page.

redirected to the below page

redirected to the below page

redirected to the below page

  • In the above image, we can see the same OTP got added to the database and the same OTP I got on my phone.
  • In the above image, we can see that I have created 2 tables in the database.

1)phoneverify table

2)signup table

  • In the phoneverify table, we will store OTP with the entered number on a temporary basis, after successful PHONE VERIFICATION it will get deleted.
  • In the signup table, we will store details of users after successful PHONE VERIFICATION.
  • Now let's enter that OTP on the PHONE VERIFICATION page for verification.
  • Now, since our OTP is correct we will be registered and will redirect to the Login page.
redirect to the Login page
  • Let's check the details in the database.
check the details in the database
  • Now Let's Login.
Now Let's Login
  • After entering proper login credentials when we press the LOGIN button we will be redirected to the HOME page.

entering proper login credentials

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Students can use this project for learning and can submit the project for their final year or Internship projects.


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