Gym Management System Project using React JS and Spring Boot and MySQL

Gym Management System Project using React JS and Spring Boot and MySQL

The Gym Management System Project is developed using React JS, Spring Boot & MySQL. By using this application, the admin will be able to check all details of his member like members' Membership details and Members can also check their membership details.

This is a Major level Full Stack project, that can be used by CSIT Final Year Students, and Post-Graduate Students for learning purposes.

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1. Spring Boot (REST APIS)

2. React JS (Frontend)

3. BootStrap (Styling)

4. MySQL for Database

5. Maven for project management

6. Embedded Tomcat Server for running Spring boot project


The project basically has two user modules:




1) User Authentication Module

The registration and Login system has been added so that only authenticated users (Admin or Member) can perform their functionalities.                                            

2) Trainer Module

Add Trainer, View All Trainers. 

3) Package Module

Add Package, View All Packages.

4) Member Module

Register Member, Login Member, View All Members, Search Members by Member Id or Name, Update Member Details.

5) Admin Module

Register Admin, Login Admin

6) Membership Module

Add Membership, View All Memberships, View Membership using Customer member Id.


Firstly Admin will register and login into the system, after that he will add the Membership Packages (Monthly, Quater, Annual) and Trainers in the Gym.

Now when a customer or member will visit our website he will be able to see all the membership Packages and Trainers available in the Gym.

After this members will register into the system and now when customers will visit the Gym for the very First time. Admin will be able to search for him by customer name, and by using the Members client Id (which he got after registration) Admin will Add the Membership for the member by selecting the Package he wants.

After Adding a Membership for the Customer, now Customer will also be able to see his Membership Details, Customer can also see his Profile and also he can update his profile.

And at the end, Admin will be able to see all the customer details along with membership details. 



When a customer visits our site for the first time we will be able to see the Landing page which is shown above.

BMI Calculator:

Customers can calculate their BMI.

View All Package:

Customers will be able to see all the Packages available in the Gym.

View All Trainers:

Customers will be able to see all the trainers present in the Gym.

Customer Register & Login:

Customers will be able to Register and log in to our Website.

View My Membership Details:

The customer can see all his Membership Details.

View My Profile:

The Customers can see his profile. 

Update Profile:

The Customer can update their profile photo and details.

Change Password:

The Customer can change their Password.


Admin Register & Login:

Admin will be able to Register and log in to the Website.

Add Packages:

Admin will be able to add the Packages in the Gym.

Add Trainers:

Admin will be able to add the Trainers in the Gym.

Search Customers:

Admin can search the Customers by using their Client Id or Customer name.

Add Customer Membership:

Admin will be able to add the Customer Membership.

Check Customers Membership:

Admin will be able to see the customer's Membership details.

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Students can use this project for learning and can submit the project for their final year or Internship projects.


I will give you the full project SOURCE CODE and I will do a COMPLETE SET-UP of the project on your PC or Laptop remotely.

Or You can simply Request for the Project Source Code & Set Up by clicking on the below button.


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