Train Ticket Booking System Project using React JS + Spring Boot + MySQL | Microservices

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Train Ticket Booking Project using Spring Boot & React

The Train Ticket Booking System Project using Spring Boot & React Js ensures a seamless experience for all involved. As an administrator, you can easily add multiple locations and register train administrators, creating a well-connected network. Train managers can effortlessly add new trains by simply accessing their desired origin and destination locations. Customers will appreciate the ease of use, which makes booking trains easier and allows them to download their tickets instantly. This makes their travel experience more efficient. With its flexibility and reliable operation, the system is a reliable solution for managing and booking train tickets efficiently.

The Train Ticket Booking System developed using Spring Boot and React is a comprehensive and robust project specially designed for Computer Science, IT, and postgraduate students is an important endeavor for final-year students, and provides valuable opportunities to acquire practical knowledge and enhance their skills.

Technologies Used in Ticket Booking Systems

The key technologies for developing employee management systems, include Spring Boot Microservices, React JS, MySQL, Maven, Bootstrap, and Java.

1. Java - Spring Boot Microservices

For the Backend Development of the project Employee management system, we have used Spring Boot Microservices.

2. React JS

React Js is a popular Javascript Library, we have used React Js for development projects frontend.

3. MySQL

MySQL is a widely used relational database management system, for storing our employee's data we have used the MySQL server.

4. Maven

For Simplifying the project and the dependency management, we have used the Maven build tool.

5. BootStrap

For Styling the front end of the project we have used BootStrap which is a popular CSS framework for developing a responsive user interface.

Software Used

1. STS (Spring Tool Suite)

For developing our backend, employee management system project using Spring Boot Microservices, we have used STS (Spring Tool Suite) or Eclipse Ide. But yes, we can use other IDEs also like Intellij Idea, NetBeans, etc.

2. VS Code (Visual Studio Code)

For developing our frontend, employee management system project using react js, we have used VS Code (Visual Studio Code).

3. MySQL Workbench

For efficient querying and manipulation of our Employee's information, we have used MySQL Workbench. 

Note: If we want to use other databases other than Mysql like Postgresql or Oracle, etc we can use that also, for that, we have to do the simple configuration.

User Modules in Ticket Booking System

The project basically has three user modules:



Functional Modules

1) User Authentication Module

User Authentication and Authorization with Spring Boot and React. The registration and Login system has been added so that only authenticated users (Admin, Train Manager, or Employee) can perform their functionalities.                                        

2) Train Module

Add Train, Update Train, Delete Train, Search Train, Fetch all trains, Add Train Seats, Fetch Train Seats, Schedule Trains, etc.

3) Location Module: 

Add Location, Update Location, Delete Location, Search Location, Fetch Locations, etc.

4) Ticket Booking Module: 

Book tickets, Update Ticket Status, Fetch Tickets, Fetch Ticket Status, Cancel Booking, View Available Tickets, etc.


The Train Ticket Booking System is 2 Module Project where Admin will register and login into the system after login admin will add the locations in the application, and after this, he will add the Trains by selecting the source and destination location. And now he can schedule the Trains by selecting the date and time with the fare price.

And Now Customers can search and view the Scheduled train based on the location and can see the available tickets and they can book the ticket by paying the fare price. Now, Admin can view all the booked trains

And at the end, Admin will be able to see all the information of Train, Ticket Bookings, Customers,  Scheduled Trains, etc.

Project Structure of Ticket Booking System Project


For the backend development, we have employed Spring Boot Microservices. Hence, we have constructed a total of 7 microservices for the Ticket Booking System Project.

Ticket Booking System Spring Boot Microservices:

1) API Gateway Service

An API Gateway is a component that acts as a single entry point for client applications to interact with various microservices within the system.

2) Service Registry Service

A Service Registry is a component that facilitates service discovery and allows microservices to locate and communicate with each other dynamically.

3) User Service

The User Service will handle all the User-related Operations like user register, login, etc.

4) Train Service

The Train microservice will handle Trains, Train Seats & Train Scheduling related operations.

5) Location Service

The Location microservice will handle Train location-related operations.

6) Train Booking Service

The Train Booking Service will handle all the ticket booking-related operations.


Frontend of the Train Ticket Booking System is developed using React Js. 


For the Database, we have used MySQL Server for storing the data.

But based on the requirement, we can use other databases also like Postgresql, Oracle, etc.


ticket booking system project structure image

1) At first, our all microservices will be registered to the SERVICE REGISTRY.

2) From the above picture, we can see firstly our request will flow from Frontend to the Backend.

3) In the Backend, Firstly request will go to the common server which is API GATEWAY.

4) From API GATEWAY, based on the request from the front end, it will route to the required SERVICE i.e. Train Service, Booking Service, Location Service & User Service.

5) And now, each microservices can communicate between them, to form the required response which we'll send to the front end.

6) Each microservices will be connected to a database like MySQL, Postgres, Oracle DB, etc.

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Students can use this project for learning and can submit the project for their final year or Internship projects.


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  1. This project is absolutely great !!! Very friendly for absolute beginners looking forward to work as java full stack developers, helps to understand the theoretical concepts at the implementation level .
    Helps us understand the complete Project flow - database, backend & frontend completely.
    Thank You for this great work @Code With Murad . Please keep doing it. :) :)

  2. Hi Murad. Amey here. I'm an Android dev and wanted to learn Backend dev using Springboot and Microservices.

    Referred to this project and it is really knowledge based and extremely helpful for all who want to learn Full stack. The code is simple and easy to understand both on threory and implementation level. The explainations are beneficial with clear diagrams to show the flow of the microservices. A very good start if you want to go into Full stack. Please do more projects like this which is simple yet practical which can be fun to learn as well.

    All said and done, I noticed that you have a Java course on youtube. Request you to do beginner friendly tutorials on Spring boot or whichever you are comfortable with so that your teaching with flow diagrams and easy to read code will help freshers or experienced people or anyone who wants to learn new technologies can understand concepts easily and we all can build our Full stack community better.