Desktop Based Java Project using AES Algorithm | Text & Image Encryption Decryption using AES

Desktop-Based Java Project using AES Algorithm

The Desktop Based Java Project using AES Algorithm is a Web Based application for the same project is also available using JSP & SERVLET

Using this project we can encrypt & decrypt text and images.

The Project is developed using JAVA SWING, MySQL

Before getting deep into the project Let's first see what is AES algorithm.

What is AES Algorithm?

 1) AES is a cryptographic algorithm used to protect Electronic data.

 2) It is a symmetric block cipher that can encrypt and decrypt information.

 3) Encryption converts data to an unreadable form called ciphertext. Decryption converts the data back into its original form called Plain text.

 4) AES follows a Symmetric-key algorithm. Symmetric is also known as the secret key. Ciphers use the same key for encrypting and decrypting. So, Sender and receiver must know and use the same secret key.

Important Functionalities of the project

The Project is basically 1 module project i.e Admin.

So before Encrypting and Decrypting any Text or File Admin have Login into the System by entering the correct credential. Before login he has to register, below is a Register form.

Admin Register

Admin Login

After Login, there are two important functionalities that we have added to this project. The first one is Text Encryption & Decryption and the second one is Image Encryption & Decryption or  File Encryption & Decryption.

Firstly let's see the Text Encryption & Decryption.

Text Encryption & Decryption

As we can see in the above picture, we have got 2 options the first one is Text Encryption and the second one is Text Decryption.

For encrypting text, firstly we have to enter a 16-byte secret key and after that Plain text which we have to encrypt. 

After entering the details, when we click on the Encrypt button, our Encrypted Text will be visible on the Encrypted Text Field Option.

Similarly, On the right side, we have got the option for decrypting the Text. So if we want to Decrypt the same Encrypted message and we know the Secret Key then we can Decrypt it by entering the Correct Encrypted Text & Secret Key then after clicking on Decrypt Button our Decrypted Text will be visible inside the Decrypted Input field.

After this Second one is Important which is the Image or File(Image, Video, Text, Pdf,..etc File) Encryption & Decryption.

Image Encryption & Decryption

On the left side, we can see, we have got 2 options for Encrypting the Files, the first is Folder Encryption and the second one is Single File encryption.

Firstly let's see Folder Encryption & Decryption.

For folder encryption & decryption we have to enter the correct folder path and enter a 16-byte secret key importantly we have to give an extension name that we want after the encryption. So we'll use the below folder which contains 2 files i.e 1 image and 1 pdf file.

After entering the correct details, when we click on the Encrypt button, our files present in the folder will get Encrypted and we can also see the extension(.aes) of files after the encryption in the below picture.

Now, for Decrypting the folder now we have to enter the correct secret key and folder path.

Now after entering the correct details when we click on the Decrypt Button, our files in the folder get decrypted.

And we can also see in the above picture that our Files got successfully Decrypted.

In a similar way, we can encrypt and decrypt a single file by entering the extension and Secret Key as shown below.

The only difference between Folder encryption & decryption And File encryption & decryption is that for Folder Encryption we have to give Folder Path and for File Encryption, we have to select the file from File Chooser.

Students can use this project for learning and can submit the project for their final year or Internship projects.


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