Event Management System Project using Spring Boot + React JS + MySQL | Event Booking System Project in Spring Boot

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Event Management System Project using Spring Boot, React JS & MySQL

Technologies Used in Event Management System

The key technologies for developing Event management system, include Spring Boot, React JS, MySQL, Maven, Bootstrap, and Java.

1. Spring Boot

For the Backend Development of the project Event Management System, we have used Spring Boot and I have developed the Project using Spring Boot 3.0 and Spring Security 6.

2. React JS

React Js is a popular Javascript Library, We have used React Js for development projects frontend.

3. MySQL

MySQL is a widely used relational database management system, for storing our Event Management application data we have used the MySQL server.

4. Maven

To simplify the project and the dependency management, we have used the Maven build tool.

5. BootStrap

For Styling the front end of the project we have used BootStrap which is a popular CSS framework for developing a responsive user interface.

Software Used

1. STS (Spring Tool Suite)

For developing our backend, Event Booking System project using Spring Boot, we have used STS (Spring Tool Suite) or Eclipse Ide. But yes, we can use other IDEs like Intellij Idea, NetBeans, etc.

2. VS Code (Visual Studio Code)

For developing our frontend, Event booking management system project using React JS, we have used VS Code (Visual Studio Code).

3. MySQL Workbench

For efficient querying and manipulation of our application information, we have used MySQL Workbench. 

Note: If we want to use databases other than Mysql like Postgresql or Oracle, etc. we can use that also, for that, we have to do the simple configuration.

User Modules in Event Management System

The project basically has three user modules:





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Students can use this project for learning and can submit the project for their final year or Internship projects.


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