Inventory Management System Project using Spring Boot + React JS + MySQL

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Inventory Management System using Spring Boot, React JS & MySQL

The Inventory Management System or Sales Inventory Management System Project using Spring Boot & React Js ensures a seamless experience for all involved. As an administrator, you can easily register the Suppliers who will be supplying the products. Admin can add the product categories and products into the system. For adding the Product, admin have to give some details, like Product name, description, supplier, quantity, purchasing price and selling price, etc. Once product is added, customer can register and login to the system and from website they can add the products in to the cart and order the products by making the payment.

Once products are ordered, admin will be able to see the customer orders in the dashboard and from there he can assign the delivery person for delivering the products to the customer.

And also In the Inventory Dashboard, Admin can view the complete details about the Products, it available quantity, sold products, total profits, and he can download the sales report, there admin can easily visualize the complete product orders with profit and loss.

Apart from this, Admin can also update the product at any time, he can update product quantity, selling price, etc. and also he can delete the products at any time.

Technologies Used in Inventory Management System

1. Spring Boot (REST APIS)

2. React JS (Frontend)

3. MySQL for Database

4. Maven for project management

5. Bootstrap (Styling)

Software Used in Inventory Management System Project

1. STS (Spring Tool Suite)

For developing our backend, an Inventory Management System project using Spring Boot, we have used STS (Spring Tool Suite) or Eclipse Ide. But yes, we can use other IDEs like Intellij Idea, NetBeans, etc.

2. VS Code (Visual Studio Code)

For developing our frontend, an Inventory Management System project using React JS, we have used VS Code (Visual Studio Code).

3. MySQL Workbench

For efficient querying and manipulation of data, we have used MySQL Workbench. 

Note: If we want to use databases other than Mysql like Postgresql or Oracle, etc. we can use that also, for that, we have to do the simple configuration.

User Modules

The project basically has three user modules:





Project Screenshots:

inventory management system project in spring boot and react js img

inventory management system dashboard img


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Students can use this project for learning and can submit the project for their final year or Internship projects.


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